Monday, November 24, 2014

ArKay supports our troops.

Our soldiers bravely fight for freedom. They keep America safe and work hard serving our country. The day to day life of a U.S. soldier is filled with courage, bravery and sacrifice. Everyday they lead a tough life, one that not many can imagine living. It's a selfless work that should be greatly appreciated.  

At their stations, one of the rules is that alcohol is not permitted; this is an active rule in most troops’ stations around the world. It can be tough, especially if they were used to have a cocktail or beer and relax after a long day of work to protect our country. That's why Arkay is happy to help. We offer a variety of liquors with 0% alcohol, with the same taste and kick as the real stuff. Troops around the world can still enjoy the taste of their favorite drink when drinking ArKay.

Soldiers coming back home may experience physical and psychological effects of continued combat exposure. Alcohol abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder (associated with their experience during military conflicts on the battlefield) and depression are among the issues that some combat soldiers suffer. 

Lately there has been a surge in alcohol misuse affecting many aspects of their lives, for example missing work because of drinking and damaging personal relationships.

We know that some veterans are using ArKay to help them overcome any alcohol problem they may have developed as a consequence of post-traumatic stress disorder, we have been contacted by U.S Army personnel and U.S. soldiers letting us know how drinking ArKay is helping them overcome their problem.

We are proud to be of assistance to US soldiers in their path towards recovery. Our troops remind us everyday what true human strength is. 

God bless America.

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